27 ~ 28 Sept. 2014 Location shoot for political candidate

The weekend of 27 / 28 September saw the Media Photos crew in Adelaide shooting a series of portraits and location shots for an upcoming political campaign.
The candidtae from Keswick in Sth Australia was very happy with the work undertaken and praised the crew for their professionalism throughout the weekend.
A total of 346 images were produced with a selection being post processed by our team whilst in Adelaide.
The entire package then being passed to the client on the same day.
Speed, efficiency and professionalism are the hallmark traits of Media Photos.

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Media Photos Thailand photo essa

During the first half of August 2014, Media Photos were on assignment in Thailand to produce a photo essay "The faces of Bangkok - Post coup" reflecting the changing face of Thailand following the military coup of 2014.
Our staff arrived on the 3rd of August and immeadiately went to work positioning themselves throughout the kingdom photographing a variety of topics.
With a history of working in Thailand , Frank Scott our Chief of Staff led the teams and concentrated his work in both Bangkok and the resort city of Pattaya. What followed was an insight into the changes that have occured following the coup and the way it has affected the people of Thailand.
There were over 3000 images taken in the 2 week period of the assignment from areas as diverse as the bars of pattaya to the grand palace of bangkok. These are destined for display in a future exhibition and in a coffee table book.



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